MechanicalEagle X-3000 Multicolor Backlit 104 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Eagle X-3000 Review


I was able to purchase this keyboard at a reduced price in exchange for feedback via a review (good/bad/indifferent). Since they wanted to know what I liked, disliked or anything in-between, I agreed to complete a review. I only accept requests that welcome good and bad feedback alike.

That being said, here is what I have found so far:

Being that this was a brand I wasn’t familiar with, I did not know what to expect. I have a keyboard with Cherry MX Blues but these have what I believe to be Outemu Blue switches (a Cherry MX Blue Clone). Blues are a little louder than some of the other colors (I like this but it seems to be polarizing).


This was packed nicely with foam inserts to stabilize the keyboard. It was wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe. It did the job well. This came with a nice metal key puller and 5 extra switches that are super simple to replace.It came with a well-written instruction booklet that outlined all the functions and shortcuts.

External Build:

This keyboard has a very nice metal top case, has some heft to it and the top comes together very well with a nice angle that looks a little aggressive and stylish. It has 2 nice rubber pads and also really nice rubber on the top feet. This has kept it from moving and sliding on my wooden desk. I’m really enjoying it.


These appear to be double shot caps as the lettering (the main fonts, not stuff like brightness adjustments as that looks to be screened on). When taking the caps off, I can see the translucent layer and the black layer so I think they are going to last a while.


The ones on the keyboard are a little differently shaped but work the same as the ones that I am used to. The replacement switches look exactly like what I am used to and I’ve already switched one out and put a different keycap on it to test it out. They feel like they take between 50 and 60 grams of force to press and do not sound scratchy or anything.

RGB Lighting:

There are a good number of preconfigured modes for everything between CSGO and FPS, MOBA. There is also an option to create your own. That is going to take me a while to play with. I really like that some modes light up WASD and other pertinent keys. The light looks great and comes through the caps beautifully.


This seems to be laid out like every other “normal” keyboard that I have used before. It is going to be a nice “daily driver that I use to work and play with.


Great price!
Nice, aggressive styling
Great case
Keys/Switches sound and feel great!
Cable is in there solidly – No worries about it
Different stock switches but easily overcome and changeable to whatever color switch you want

Non-braided cable
RGB learning curve seems steep for custom functions

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this keyboard! My cat also loves it and the clickety-clack of the keys and lays on it every chance he gets. I want to get one for my wife as I think she would love it!

If you are looking for a great priced keyboard that doesn’t seem to skimp on features, I do recommend trying this one out.

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