This is Exactly Why I do It

Nick says:

“Dude – you are the greatest reviewer of all time. THANK YOU.”

After perusing my reviews to see if I had garnered any “helpful” votes, I came across a comment that struck near and dear to me. I am not trying to be overly dramatic but this hit me at my core…Someone appreciated my work…the work I pour lots of time and effort into. Although I am fairly new to this, all things considered, it means a lot to me that Nick went out of his way to make a comment to let me know his thoughts concerning what I do.
This is the exact reason that I look over websites, articles and blogs to find information useful to others. People making purchases is not the biggest deal in the world but if I can help and reach just one of them to make their life just a little easier (because we all know life is a fickle beast), it makes it a lot easier to continue to pour loads of effort and care into my evaluations.
I am thankful for Nick and all the other “Nicks” out there.
In case anyone needs a TV or is curious about the actual review, it can be read here:
Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy.

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