uxcell® AC100-240V US Plug to DC5V 4A 20W Universal Mains Power Supply DC Charger Adapter (Electronics)


This power supply was the answer to an issue I had…powering some LED’s that I setup on my 3D printer. I actually tried to power them previously through the main power supply that I am using with RAMPS 1.4 but for some reason it burned out my LED’s that I had setup. I decided then I would just use another cable and do it in a more safe fashion.

I received this power supply in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All my thoughts and descriptions concerning the way this performs, looks and the quality is what I think regardless of whether I paid full price or was sent it to test and review.

The first thing that I noticed about this power supply is that it is not very conspicuous (good), it has a little weight to it but actually not too bad; which lends itself well to using some double sided tape under the small table my printer is on and it has a detachable power plug.The size is just over 2mm for the tip.

Here are some pros and cons:


Is light


Hasn’t overheated

Fits well for my purpose

Has detachable power cord that is available very easily concerning electronics/computers. If I happen to lose this, I can replace it with a spare computer power supply cable. I really don’t like proprietary cords and this doesn’t have them

Is putting out the voltage I need and expected

Has a ferrite iron core on the cable to help isolate/remove noise


None yet. I will update if it breaks or if it starts to overheat (or fries my LED’s).

I think this is a good power supply at a good price point. Make sure you measure what size plug you need and check to ensure compatibility. That would not be fun if you ordered a product and waited only to find out it doesn’t fit (I’ve done that before so I am guilty of that in the past).

Overall, this is solid and performs well at a good price for my needs.

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