OxyLED 60W Equivalent 3000K A19 LED Light Bulb with E26 Base, Soft White (6 Pack) – Super Bright 810 Lumens


These LEDs are exemplary! It is amazing to me how far LED technology has come because these things only use circa 9W each instead of 60! Not only that but there is something else that a lot of people do not think about; the thermal savings gained by using LEDs! I’ve attached a couple of pictures to show you what I mean…The 179 degree picture is a conventional light bulb and the 86.9 degree (F) is the OxyLED that I got. As soon as I received them, I had to take them out and start changing bulbs because I like saving money and technology so this was a match made in Heaven! I knew LEDs operated cooler but I had no idea the old ones got that hot! I had heard the heating elements in CFLs got really hot but thankfully these do not at all. This helps my air conditioner considering I live in Florida.

These lights are a great value for 6 as the brick and mortar stores around here charge that much for 2 quality ones. These are of good quality and come with a warranty and also will last you approximately 25,000 hours! I’m putting 2 of these in the bathroom where the fixture is a real PAIN to change so hopefully I get away without having to replace them for a few years. Time will tell and I’ll update my review if something bad happens.

Full disclosure, I got these for an honest review (which could have been perilous had these not been good) and I pull no punches even though these were given to me for evaluation. I am a no BS kind of guy and I welcome you to do the same experiment I did with a non-contact thermo-measurement (contact would not be fun at all). Also, I got these in 3 days, which is faster than items I do not receive for an honest opinion (if it is non-Prime).

In all, these LEDs are excellent. The company that makes them is very good and known for value. They also make “Dr. Meter” and I was able to get a digital multi meter with all the bells and whistles for about $32 (every day, full price) that works as good as a Fluke (did comparison). It is really safe as well. Sorry, I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent…

As far as cons, the only thing I could see is the packaging isn’t glamorous? Not sure that is a con to me because it probably saves on the cost and therefore price. I’ll update if any of these burn out prematurely.

This is a great brand and I do not believe you will be disappointed with these.

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