Bed Sheets, Queen, Silver Light Grey – Best Quality Bedding Set Sheets on Amazon, 4-Piece Bed Set, Deep Pockets Fitted Sheet, 100% Luxury Soft Microfiber – Hypoallergenic


These sheets are extremely comfortable and cozy. They are hard to explain a bit because they aren’t thin but they aren’t thick (good in hot Florida). They are a little thinner than my old sheets but thicker than some value brand. They fall into the “just right” category for me.

As you might notice from the pictures, they are more of a lighter grey compared to more of a slate type grey my previous sheets were. They had straight seems, good stitching and the fit was very good on my queen size mattess (Simmons Beautyrest if that is relevant).

As far as fit, they fit all corners snug and they were not difficult to get on and nor did they come off. I’ll update if issues arise such as that. I think these might fit a full as well.

Overall, these are silly-smooth, appear great and are of good quality while not being too thick for the Florida Summer.

Id definitely recommend and will update if necessary.

These were provided to me at a discount in exchange for an honest review and in this review I approach it as if I had paid full price.

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