LOHASLY 5W Dimmable E12 LED Bulb


stars-5-0-_cb192240867_LOHASLY 5W Dimmable E12 LED Bulb

This is a really nice LED bulb for your candelabra base (I measured it with a digital caliper to try to help any of you figure out if this will fit yours and it is about 11 millimeters wide or about .43 inches).

This fit both of my light fixtures for 2 different brand fans (Hunter is one brand and Hamilton is the other). The light didn’t quite match the ones in the living room; picture attached, so I had to put it in the bedroom.

Some info:

This light is more crisp, clear and daylight-like. It feels clean, is very bright and runs as cool as a cucumber compared to regular bulbs. I’ve attached 2 pictures for you to show the heat difference. The regular bulb is about 173 degrees F and this LED is only 73 (100 degrees less!!).

The more power that goes into something, the more heat is dissipated per physics. This LED is definitely sipping power compared to the normal bulbs and I will be immediately purchasing about 7 more to round out my house conversion to the new (albeit more expensive technology up front but I’ve already seen a cost savings with my other replacements).

From what I have read, light makes up about 30% of your monthly electricity bill on average so changing to these makes a lot of sense (and cents I think as they are supposed to last a decade or longer on average).

This LED bulb has great coverage, is pretty darn heavy for the size and is a little longer than average or what I was expecting. If you use the little round bulbs like the old one I pictured, be aware this might be more visible.

This light definitely holds its weight with light output as it was noticibly brighter than my original old-tech ones. I’ve definitely got to finish upgrading haha!

I was able to purchase this at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review and these thoughts are as if I paid full price. I’m actually going to buy some more because I’m so impressed.

Do yourself a favor and look into trying LED’s (whether it is this brand or another) and see how much money you save in the long run. If I had to get, I would bet you’d be surprised!!

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